Depigmentation Peel Series

Depigmentation Peel Series


1 hr 15 mins

*Must schedule a facial consultation or be a current facial client before scheduling.*

Skin pigmentation disorders (dark spots, patches, or melsama) can be caused by many things such as UV exposure, effects of a breakout which causes blemishes, or hormones. My De-pigmentation Peel Series utilizes powerful exfoliates and natural lighteners to effectively treat hyper-pigmentation.

This series consists of an 8-Week Peel Protocol. There is a total of 4 in-office treatments. The price is $65 per treatment service. There is a carefully selected home-care regimen (products must be purchased separately $125), followed by a combination of weekly chemical peels (Glycolic, Lactic, & 10% TCA). We will take 3 weeks off of in-house-treatments to allow your skin to rest. We will complete the process with a medium-depth, 15% TCA chemical peel by Week 8.

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