Virtual Acne MAnagement Program.png

Step #1

Fill out and submit the Virtual Acne Management Questionnaire (click link). Take 3 photos with no makeup, filters, and with good light. Take picture of the right side of your face, the left side of your face, and the center of your face. Upon completion email skin photos to

Once I receive your questionnaire and photos I will contact you to process your serum test kit. This kit will include 4 serum samples, a cleanser sample, and a toner sample for you to test for sensitivity. You will also receive a package containing information in regard to Acne.

The Serum Test/Consultation Package is $50 which covers the cost of your Serum Test Kit, Initial Consultation, and Skin Sensitivity Test.

Virtual Meetings will be held via Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, or FaceTime.


Step #2:

Once you provide a payment and information your serum kit will be mailed to you. After receiving the serum kit, book an online video session to complete the sensitivity test. Make sure that you book for the skin sensitivity test. We will complete the sensitivity test together. This session will take 20-25 minutes. Please ensure you are in a location with good light and reception.


Step #3:

After we discuss your serum results, review your questionnaire, and receive photos I will design your personal home care program. This will take me 1-3 business days. After completing the home care program I will send you an email of the recommended products with cost. After payment, I will ship your initial products with instructions on how to use them. We will set up a 15 minute video meeting to go over the material.

Your initial products will cost approx. $165 give or take (plus shipping and sales tax). It is a requirement that you use our products and ONLY our products while on the program. We cannot continue ongoing consultations unless you are using our products. I will go into further details why using our products is required.


Step #4

Once you receive your products I need to hear from you every 2 weeks via video chat. You can book the package of 3 virtual sessions for $180 or 6 virtual sessions for $240.

It is your RESPONSIBILITY to book the appointment for the 2 weeks followup and keep up with your journal entries.

We will discuss further instructions as to what you will be doing for the next 2 weeks.