B.O. Essentials Organic Skincare Line

Hey my beautiful people. I am so excited to be sharing this information with you! Thank you for tuning in each week for the blogs. Each week I will be featuring a skincare line that carters to diverse. This week skincare is featuring B.O Essentials.

This skincare line was created by Christina King-Rogers. The story behind her skincare line is amazing. B.O. Essentials (Blessed Organic Essentials) was birthed out of her battling with Stage 3 Thyroid Cancer. During that particular season of her life she was unable to find anything that would treat her skin conditions. She created her own organic skincare line.Her products are formulated to work with a variety of skin types from dry to oily, combination, and various conditions.

I learned about her skincare via Instagram. At this time I was pregnant and I was afraid of the hormonal breakouts. I knew I wanted to use an organic line to keep my skin healthy. I used her Rose & Geranium Healthy Skin Sugar Scrub. I used this scrub 3 times per week. This scrub was gentle on my skin and hydrated my skin as well. Before pregnancy my skin type was oily. During and after pregnancy my skin is dry. This exfoliate helped maintain the healthiness of my skin.

Rose naturally hydrates the skin and Geranium is used to treat acne and reduce inflammation. I purchased my sugar scrub at my local Whole Foods.  

B.O Essentials Rose & Geranium Facial Serum is a treat for your skin. The weather is being harsh on our skin. If you need extra hydration this serum is amazing. This serum will instantly hydrate your skin and gives your a natural. You can purchase this amazing products in several locations. You can purchase the products via B.O Essential website., Amazon, and your local Whole Food Store.

Christina makes appearance at Whole Foods, Interviews, and more. Stay updated with her client results, her appearances, and her skincare line on her instagram page B.O. Essentials.

robyn sutton