3 Ways to Determine Your Skin Type Webinar


If you have been following me for a while, a lot has changed with my business. In September 2018, I decided to stop doing makeup for a while and and shift my focus onto skincare. I was so nervous!

I couldn't balance everything with having a young family, a career, and a growing business. It was too much on my plate and I needed to dig deep and figure out what I really wanted to do...and...BOOM! I made my decision. 

After making that decision I invested in my continuous education to advance my knowledge on skincare. I am a Certified Acne Specialist and I have been studying how to treat multi-cultural skin since August. I have studied and invested in high quality machines such as High Frequency, Radio Frequency, Oxygen Treatment, and Hydro-Facial Treatments. I know that was a lot, but I wanted to share! I will be posting more about those treatments on my website along with the benefits. 

I have so much content prepared for the year and I am ready to share. First, I would like to start with my FREE Webinar on, "3 Ways to Determine Your Skin Type". Just click the link below and you will have immediate access. Don't forget to download the PDF's that goes with the webinar. 

robyn sutton