Choosing the Right Foundation for your Skin Type

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Choosing the right foundation is a multi-level decision. We need to know which consistency is best for our skin type, we need to know the color and undertone of the foundation, and we also what brand works best. This is a really in depth decision because you do not want to walk outside the house with the wrong foundation.

This blog is going to address foundation for your skin type. I do not believe that high end products are always the best. Sometimes you can find a great product at drugstore.

Knowing your skin type will give you a solid educational foundation to help aid you in picking the best foundation for your skin. To gain an understanding of your skin type access my Free PDF “3 Ways to Determine your Skin Type”.

There are multiple foundation formulas on the market. There are cream, powder, and liquid foundations. It is important to know which foundation will work well for your skin.

Powder Foundation

If you have oily or combination skin, powder foundation will  work best. Powder foundation will help the sebum that is produced on your face. Powder foundation can aid in shine control for the entire face or T-Zone. Powder foundation will give you a matte finish.

Liquid Foundation

If you have normal skin, liquid foundation will work best for you. Your skin has a balance of sebum, so liquid will sit well on your skin. There are matte finish liquid and oil free liquid foundations.

Cream Foundation

If you have dry or combination skin, cream foundation will work best for you. Majority of cream foundations has oil. The oils in the foundation respond well to dry skin.


Experience is everything! Explore and find out what works best for you and your skin!

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