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OMG! I have some great news! 

I officially signed up for the Knot. I have been debating for a couple of months if I wanted to go into the wedding industry and I made the decision to do so. I am very excited to be apart of the Knot. The Knot is a wedding site where couples can book all types of vendors such as makeup artists, photographers, event planners, carters, hairstylists, and much more. 

This is great opportunity for me as a makeup artist. This will allow me to network and to get more exposure in the wedding industry. Weddings are so high in energy and quick pace. I will start taking makeup appointments in October. 

If you or anyone that you know that are getting married this fall and need a makeup artist let them know I will be back in business in a couple of months! 

Body Butters

I started creating/using body butters when I fought out I was 2 months pregnant. I wanted to do everything to prevent stretch marks. I was so determined. I started reading the back of labels, researching, and then I finally started experimenting with natural ingredients. I signed up for an Aroma/Body Butter course that was online months before I started making products. I researched and studied about new oils and their benefits, ordered my kit, and started whipping in the kitchen. (Look at the flick of my wrist LOL!)  

I truly enjoy creating the body butters because it is amazing to witness 100% natural ingredients convert to a product and the natural aroma of the ingredients. Honestly, I was really amaze at the process when I started. I have always been into mixing random concoctions and not being afraid of trying something new. 

I currently have the following Body Butters in stock:
            1.) Palm Kernel Body Butter
            2.) Jojoba Body Butter
            3.) Beautifying Body Butter

1 oz.| $10
2 oz.| $20

How to place orders:
Email: info@poisedprofessional.com

The body butters are 100% handmade out of 100% organic ingredients.